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Content about sanitary socials

Content Item - Sanitary Socials supporting Operation Toilets in India

Host your own social event to raise $$ to build much needed toilets in Indian schools!

Any event that serves food will qualify, check back here soon to download your own printable INVITATION, PLACE CARDS & INFORMATION SHEETS!

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Event - Launch of "Sanitary Socials", supporting Building toilets in Indian Schools

Rotarians, sponsors, friends & anyone with a toilet at home or work who can't imagine 'holding on' all day.... please join us for drinks, finger food & information from Rotarian Mark Balla about how "Operation Toilets" is changing lives and how ANYONE can help by hosting a "Sanitary Social" at work, home or club!

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Photo Gallery - Sanitary Socials Launch for Operation Toilets!

Mark Balla introduced Operation Toilets, Sankar Nadeson introduced Sanitary Socials, a fund raising initiative to raise money to buid toilets in Indian schools.

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