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Event - Night at the Circus & Ballet - NICA

In the first collaboration of its kind in Australian performance history, the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) and The Australian Ballet School (the ABS) come together to present an innovative work combining ballet and circus, in the electric Le Sacré.

The production is the premiere collaboration between the two organisations. Featuring 18 second year circus performers from NICA and 26 level seven ballet students from The Australian Ballet School, Le Sacré is an account of dynamism, risk, supreme athleticism and sublime technical physicality.

This is a tale of superstition and sacrifice, inspired by the narrative of Nijinsky and Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring (1913).

The performance integrates contemporary choreographic explorations using balletic and diverse dance language with a myriad of circus acts including Skipping Ropes, Chinese Pole, Roué Cyr, Tissue, Hula Hoops, Group Acrobatics and Tightwire.

Bringing together these two art forms are NICA’s Movement and Performance Coordinators, Zebastian Hunter and Meredith Kitchen and with the ABS’s Artistic Teacher and Resident Choreographer, Simon Dow.

“Le Sacré" draws inspiration from an old dramatic tale reimagined in contemporary glory with references from modern life drawn from electronic dance culture, fashion parades, beauty pageants and talent shows.” said Co-Director Zebastian Hunter.

The focus of this collaboration is giving these young future artists exposure to new ways of imagining their various artistic disciplines. Le Sacré reflects the brave concept of combining two art forms in ways never before explored. “We dare to tread in great footsteps by doing what we must, exploring what is possible, impossible, risk taking within our individual disciplines and placing perceived boundaries further and further away,” said Co-Director and The Australian Ballet School’s Artistic Teacher and Resident Choreographer, Simon Dow.

The cast range in age from 16 to 28, from 24 year old rope and handstand circus performer Easa Min-Swe, to Japanese born dancer Karina Arimura, whose immersion in ballet hails right back to birth, when she was named after Karena Broch of American Ballet Theatre. Also included are 19 year old Georgia Webb, who cast off expectations to join the military in favour of studying circus and 17 year old Joaquin Thomas-Mourad (a passionate dancer with an impressive resume of previous dance schools before alighting at the ABS) who in his spare time enjoys dabbling in photography.

Hunter, a performance teacher and show director at NICA was a featured soloist with Cirque Du Soleil from 2009 – 2015, with a Master's in Directing from NIDA he has worked as an independent director creating site specific shows, commercial works and new contemporary devised performances in circus.

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Event - National Institute of Circus Arts: graduating class -Circosis!

Circosis: Left Brain, Right Brain
Directed by Kate Fryer, Artistic Director of Dislocate

This June, the phenomenal imagination, athleticism and humour of Australia’s next generation of circus talents will be on show when NICA presents Circosis: Left Brain, Right Brain, a two-part production of elite-level circus. Set in a world where obsession is the norm, the graduate showcase performances range from the poignant and evocative, to the flamboyant and outright absurd.

The twenty-three NICA circus artists have spent the last three years honing their circus and performance skills, guided by world-class trainers. They present spectacular solo acts such as aerial ladder, cloudswing, Chinese pole, hoop diving, trapeze, rolla bolla, rotating ring, tissu and roue Cyr.

Join Rotary Prahran members and guests for another fabulous night at the Circus... if last year's show is anything to go by, you will be impressed, amazed and thoroughly entertained by these talented stars of the future, all who have trained in Prahran for a future all over the world!

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