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Content about donations in kind footscray

Content Item - Rotary Sews in the News!!

Teaching sewing & knitting to local residents is another great Community Service project of Rotary Prahran with the generous support of Freemasons Victoria, who have donated the use of their hall in St. Edmonds Road Prahran for our weekly sewing & knitting classes.

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Content Item - More clients for RAMP! (Rotary Aiding Mobility Program) (& our youngest volunteer!)

Inner South Community Health OT's, Karen & Sue were excited to see just how much equipment they can choose from for their needy clients at DIK warehouse! Susie & Poppy showed them the mobility aids so they can collect supplies whenever they need to.

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Learn to sew or knit, help others to learn or join a sewing workshop to make clothes, saleable items or home furnishings! Free to participants but registration preferred, email  President Susie at to let us know if you're coming?

Thanks to DIK for donations of sewing machines and fabrics, special thanks to Freemasons Victoria for the use of their wonderful hall free of charge every week!

Thursdays, 1pm - 3pm commencing Thursday 8th September, 2016!!

Join us for Rotary Sews!!

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Content Item - We've joined the Board of Donations In Kind!

Prahran Rotarian Andrea Walton has taken a seat on the DIK Board as Rotary Prahran is becoming more active in this amazing, uber - recycling organisation that redistributes much needed medical, educational and other goods & equipment around the world.

Topics: andrea walton,  donations in kind footscray


Event - Working Bee at Donations In Kind Warehouse

Tonnes of goods are redistributed annually from this Rotary warehouse in Footscray. 

Items like these:

Topics: donations in kind footscray