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Rotary Prahran joins Victoria Police Leaders Mentorship Program!

The Victoria Police Leaders Mentoring Program is now in its seventh year, and 130 police ranking from Assistant Commissioner down to Senior Sergeant have participated. The program was originated by Rotary Club of  Central Melbourne Sunrise, and several of the larger D9800 clubs have participated along with clubs from four other Victorian districts. To date mentorees have been partnered with one senior business mentor and one Rotary mentor. 

Following a review this year by the steering committee made up of VicPol, business community representatives and Rotary, mentorees from next July will be partnered with a single mentor.  For the senior police ranks the mentors will be senior business executives whose guidance will be around strategic issues, whilst for Inspectors and Senior Sergeants Rotary will provide the mentors and the primary focus will be around community engagement, a high priority for VicPol.

VicPol is strongly supportive of these changes as they work to integrate the program better into their management development processes and   align it with their strategic priorities.  

The new Program design has some other advantages;

  • It is more time efficient for police members to work with a single mentor
  • Many Rotary mentors also have strong backgrounds in business and can cover both roles
  • Senior Sergeants (who typically runs a suburban police station) and Inspectors value Rotary’s input:  community policing and engagement is one of their biggest challenges. Many of these officers are recent appointments. They run the equivalent of a small-medium service and business unit, involving complex challenges.
  • The primary mentoring focus for senior officers, that is Assistant Commissioners, Commanders and Superintendents, will clearly be at a strategic level where business executive guidance is critical
  • From a Rotary perspective there is a clearer sense of what VicPol is looking for and an opportunity to raise our profile in community service.

In addition, the steering committee decided to open up the selection process to all D9800 Rotarians.  Rotary Prahran is proud to offer experienced business mentor, pharmacist & business woman Rotarian Gilly Swinnerton to be Sen.Sgt. Bourke's mentor. 

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