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Safe Food Handling, the first step towards a new vocation?

Here's how the Rotary Club of Prahran Vocational Service team helped... 

$180 a head is a lot for many people, particularly refugees and the unemployed, to pay to do a Safe Food handling course at Prahran Polytechnic, so Rotary picked up the tab for 9 residents to undertake the 2 day course on site at Horace Petty Estate.

Three ladies from Tibet, 1 each from Fiji, Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City) Port Augusta (South Australia), and 3 others completed the course so now can look for work nearby in Chapel Street or beyond, as well as host events for other residents organised by the estate management.
All are mums & most appeared keen to help out at our fund raising sausage sizzles both to repay our kindness and interact more with our wider community.

Apparently there are more women than men on the Estate, many single parents with mum the head of the household, so probably not surprising to see only ladies enrolled!

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