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Rotary Prahran are part of the Bee Team!

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Chaired by Canterbury Rotarian John McCaskill and with an active committee drawn from Rotary clubs in District 9800 & 9810, Rotarians for Bees mission is to support pollinators to ensure global food security.

Over 12 months the committee has learned from scientists, industry experts & bee keepers to enable a full understanding of the problems and opportunities for Rotary clubs to make an impact in helping to protect bees & pollinators that are dying in massive numbers due to climate change, loss of habitat (through industrialised agriculture and single crops), pesticides, disease & varroa mites.

Without bees food crops won't grow without human pollination (already happening in China), supporting bees is literally a life & death issue that Rotary is involved in as a project of ESRAG (Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group).

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