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Help us build toilets in SIX Indian schools!

No toilet at home or school?? Unbelievable to Aussies but a reality for millions of people in India, and when there's no toilet, girls tend not to go to school past puberty.

No school means poor employment prospects, high risk of child marriage, the cycle of poverty continues.

Open air toileting means poor sanitation and a real security risk for women & girls, so Operation Toilets is working with Rotary clubs in India to build efficient toilet blocks in schools, teaching children about hand washing afterwards & the schools are committed to keeping the facilities clean & working.

Rotary Prahran, in conjunction with Rotary Box Hill Central, several USA Rotary Clubs & others in India, are committed to building a 12 unit toilet block in a school in 2016 and hopefully more into the future as funds permit.

We are fundraising through SANITARY SOCIALS - events large & small in members & friends homes with profits going to toilet building, PLUS we're working on a major event that will be fun, financially rewarding and get the word out into the community that building toilets in schools is essential to good education as well as improved sanitation!

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