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Our medical equipment has arrived in the Philippines!

Thanks to donations to DIK (Donations In Kind Warehouse), volunteers who picked up surplus equipment at Box Hill hospital, delivered it to Footscray, the Prahran Rotarians who packed it into the container & paid for shipment to Lucena City in the Philippines, all the much needed equipment for the Rotary Hall (womens health, gynaaecology & obstetrics) at Quezon City Medical Centre has now arrived, been unpacked by the local Rotarians and is now being put to good use in the hospital!!

Another great example of how the international Rotary team can get great things done for minimal cost (packing/shipping & customs charges were funded by our Club plus our annual donation towards the operation of the DIK warehouse that does such a magnificent job of 'recycling' a wide range of goods that are greatly needed by projects near and far.

Many of the Philippino Rotarians who coordinated the receipt of the equipment are doctors and health workers who will be using the donation on a daily basis, here are some of them at the handover.

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