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Our medical equipment has arrived in the Philippines!

From Box Hill hospital to Rotary's Donations In Kind warehouse to Lucena City, Quezon Province in the Philippines... this medical equipment is being recycled in the best possible, Rotary, way!

Topics: quezon medical centre,  donations in kind warehouse,  medical equipment for philippines


Rotary International Expo a beacon in the cold!

Rotary International Expo, a bright light on a cold day!

So many fanatastic overseas projects run by dedicated Rotarians, helping people in our region and around the world! Great work everyone!

Topics: rotary international expo,  queen victoria market


Rotary Prahran Polio Pinkies in the News!

President Peter Schneider, new Rotarian Will Slade & Prahran MP Sam Hibbins are the first in Prahran to give Polio the Finger! 

Topics: give polio the finger,  world polio day 24th october,  woolworths prahran bbq,  will slade,  sam hibbins


Support for Stonnington Primary School

Vice Principal Simone Radolnik from Stonnington Primary shared news, challenges and invited members to visit the school.


Help us build toilets in SIX Indian schools!

No toilet means no school for many girls so we're raising funds & partnering with Rotarians in Nasik India (near Mumbai) to build & maintain 94 toilets in 6 schools, so girls can complete their education, sanitation at the school is improved and children will then urge their parents to install a toilet at home!

Topics: operation toilets,  building toilets in indian schools,  international project


Stonnington Rotary Clubs help build a cooking school in Nepal!

Rotary Prahran, Malvern & Chadstone East Malvern were proud to present a cheque for $10,557.60 to Stephanie Woollard, founder & Director of NGO Seven Women, a wonderful program helping to train disabled Nepalese women in literacy, craft production and now cookery and hospitality skills.


Topics: stephanie woollard,  seven women,  donation to nepal cooking school,  empowering nepalese women


What projects do our Club support?

Fundraising is only part of what we do, but where do the funds go? Check out the list here.

Topics: rotary club of prahran sponsorships,  fundraising expenditure


More clients for RAMP! (Rotary Aiding Mobility Program) (& our youngest volunteer!)

Inner South Community Health OT's, Karen & Sue were excited to see just how much equipment they can choose from for their needy clients at DIK warehouse! Susie & Poppy showed them the mobility aids so they can collect supplies whenever they need to.

Topics: ramp,  rotary aiding mobility program,  donations in kind footscray,  inner south community health service,  free mobility aids,  free occupational therapy aids


Introducing Rotary Aiding Mobility Program

Rotary Aiding Mobility Program provides wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, over-toilet seats and more to people unable to afford to buy them. Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Community Nurses and carers are invited to select suitable equipment, free of charge, for their clients.

If mobility affordability is a problem, use our RAMP!

Please text or phone our RAMP coordinators Peter Schneider 0417 322 617 or Jim Smith 0418 357 756 for more information and to arrange collection of donations or a viewing of all this wonderful, pre-loved & free of charge equipment!

Topics: ramp,  rotary aiding mobility program,  wheelchairs,  walkers,  mobility devices,  free mobility equipment,  donate crutches,  donate walkers,  donate mobility aids


Investing in Youth for Leadership AND Science!

Rotary believes in encouraging future leaders and Carina Field has thrived through being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Prahran. While helping us out on a fundraising BBQ, we asked Carina what the support of our Club has meant to her.


Topics: rotary youth program of enrichment,  youth leadership


35 Latest News Items found:      Showing Latest News Items 26 - 35