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International Projects


RAMP provides kids disability aids to Cambodia!

From Glen Allen School in Glen Waverley to Safe Haven in Siem Reap, these donated disability aids for children are changing lives!


Rotary Fighting Malaria in Uganda

Rotary Prahran has partnered with Rotary Kampala Kawempe to provide 500 mosquito nets to poor families in water sodden slums in Uganda. In the wet season, deadly mosquitos kill mainly children, so local Rotarians & Rotaractors have identified families in need and have delivered nets, education about preventing malaria and other essentials. Our Club was grateful for the support of a District 9800 International Grant to partly fund this life saving project in Kampala. 


More clean water & toilets for Baguia school in Timor Leste

Rotary Prahran is again collaborating with various Rotary clubs in continuing to build toilets and water tanks in Baguia, a remote area of Timor Leste. Training the local people to do the installation, Rotarians are surveying & guiding this project that is improving the health & educational outcomes for the community. 


Rotary Prahran are part of the Bee Team!

Membership of the facebook group for Rotarians for Bees is growing fast & globally & Rotary Prahran are part of building awareness of the plight of bees & pollinators and their essential role in global food production.

Over 430 members share projects, stories & news about bees & pollinators, please join us (Rotarian or not) to be part of the support network for bees (both feral and honeybees) & pollinators HERE.

Topics: support bees,  support pollinators,  rotarians for bees,  bee motels,  native bees,  bee keepers,  esrag


Rotary Prahran at our Indian school toilet opening

Our Club helped to build toilets for senior girls at a school of over 2,000 students with NO TOILETS! Only around 25% of these kids even have toilets at home.... open air toileting is the norm, but unsanitary & very unsafe. Next project, toilets for the middle school girls, then little ones then the boys.... keeping girls safe & in school!

Supporting 'Seven Women' - Seven Scholarships

Rotary Prahran has helped to fund the Seven Women cooking school in Kathmandu and next is supporting the establishment of a Seven Women Ambassador team to encourage sponsorship of 'Seven Scholarships' for primary school aged children in Nepal.

Topics: seven women,  seven scholarships,  nepalese education


Mosquito Nets prevent dengue fever in Cambodia

Rotary Prahran funded 500 3m X 3m (family sized!) insecticide impregnated mosquito nets for a rural Cambodian community to combat the deadly dengue fever which arrives with the mosquitos in the wet season.

Topics: dengue fever,  purchasing mosquito nets


Stonnington Rotary Clubs help build a cooking school in Nepal!

Rotary Prahran, Malvern & Chadstone East Malvern were proud to present a cheque for $10,557.60 to Stephanie Woollard, founder & Director of NGO Seven Women, a wonderful program helping to train disabled Nepalese women in literacy, craft production and now cookery and hospitality skills.


Topics: stephanie woollard,  seven women,  donation to nepal cooking school,  empowering nepalese women


Supplying clean water in the Philippines!

Rotarian Ruth Carlos Martinez with Philippine children who will enjoy clean spring fed drinking water thanks to this Rotary project.

Topics: clean water to concepcion integrated school


Help us build toilets in SIX Indian schools!

No toilet means no school for many girls so we're raising funds & partnering with Rotarians in Nasik India (near Mumbai) to build & maintain 94 toilets in 6 schools, so girls can complete their education, sanitation at the school is improved and children will then urge their parents to install a toilet at home!

Topics: operation toilets,  building toilets in indian schools,  international project


Our medical equipment has arrived in the Philippines!

From Box Hill hospital to Rotary's Donations In Kind warehouse to Lucena City, Quezon Province in the Philippines... this medical equipment is being recycled in the best possible, Rotary, way!

Topics: quezon medical centre,  donations in kind warehouse,  medical equipment for philippines


Rotarians Against Malaria

In 2000, 3% of the people at risk of contracting malaria had a mosquito net. In 2012 56% of the people at risk had a mosquito net. Rotarians Against Malaria contributed significantly to this improvement.

Topics: rotarians against malaria,  purchasing mosquito nets,  fighting malaria


400 Phillippine mums & babies don't fit into 250 hospital beds

Rotary Club of Prahran learns about how to improve the conditions in Quezon Medical Centre, Philippines, for mothers & babies in overcrowded situations.

Topics: recycled hospital beds,  quezon medical centre,  donations in kind,  ruth carlos-martinez